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By November 5, 2014Uncategorized

Who was it that said ‘they started from the bottom’? I am sure it’s some rapper…maybe Drake.  Anyway, it kind of relates to the way we view ingredients at Cake Liberation.  Anything that is going to enhance flavour reigns supreme in my eyes. You can have the fanciest equipment, look the prettiest but we always want to know what do you taste like, simple. Does the food have substance and integrity? As a child it was always a mystery how something as simple as salt fish (bacalhau) and rice could taste so flavoursome, with fried tomatoes, onions and a cracked black pepper. Flavour to me is about the quality of ingredients and the ability to know what to do with them. Can you start with the basics and do you know how to get the very best out of them, how to mix and match?

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