Women of Empowerment

The Freedom fruit cake is divine, rich and fruity with layers of intense flavour that dance in your mouth long after you’ve had your last bite. It has a lightness not often associated with fruit cake, which contrasts beautifully with it’s case of marzipan and fondant icing. It’s a cake inspired by tradition, and the women in my family, of which there are many. It channels their rich story of empowerment, celebration and discovery. Their nobility is reflected in Cake Liberation’s latest cake project that serves to embrace and exemplify their qualities. Cake is never ‘just cake’, it’s an experience, each one has a strong narrative, just like the women in my family.

My Grandma is the queen bee, the queen of taste, she gained that title way before Grandad died. She has great strength, vision, tenacity, a powerful presence, an opinion and much humour, without her there would be no me. We’ve baked together, it is an intuitive process, no measuring just a real understanding of the ingredients and an innate sense of how much to add and when to add it. The results are phenomenal. You see grandma is all about flavour, sugar is described as weak if it does not provide an enriched sweetness and ginger too if it is lacking in fire. It is clear she developed her palate in a place that appreciates seasonality and provenance, the power of taste. It is one that knows if a mango is sincere or whether a pineapple has integrity. She comes from a time and place that does not rush the process, one that is not afraid to wait patiently for it’s fruit to ripen, it is mother nature who dictates whether a harvest is worthy.

Empowerment – to share
Inner strength and conviction is beautiful, dynamic energies that can be felt and shared even when they can not be seen.

Celebration – to enjoy
Moments to treasure, moments to share, create enjoyable and unforgettable experiences.